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In this world of automated email responses and endless voice mail loops, one of the goals on which we all agree is our desire to keep the company human.

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Utilizing their previous experience along with their skills and abilities, our office staff is constantly striving to improve production efficiency and client satisfaction.


Mike Dunlap, Owner.

Venture Title was founded in 2004 by Mike & Amy Dunlap utilizing their varied backgrounds and experience. Amy has been a title agent for over 20 years, and Mike has over 30 years of extensive title industry experience with an intense focus on network and software implementation.

After spending 8 years as a United States Marine, Mike entered the title industry in 1993 as a software developer for real estate attorneys, title companies and title plants. Some of his companies where pioneers in the development of the automation of the search process. Mike also helped develop software for the closing process. He has developed multiple automated network systems, inclusive of the system currently utilized by Venture Title, to both ensure office efficiency and client satisfaction.

In addition, Mike has over 30 years of sales and customer service experience. He recognizes the importance for each and every client to receive a high level of service. He also ensures clients are provided updated software, updated information, and quick, efficient follow up to ensure a smooth production process.

Personally, Mike has been a resident of the central Florida community for over 50 years, actively supporting both our Veterans and our youth. He has been an active member of the American Legion for many years and a high school and club soccer coach for over 25 years.


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